Jaanus Lember

Lubricants Expert

I have 23 years of experience in the lubricants business and I am the founder of Lubtec OÜ.

I have a university degree in chemistry and have had specialised training in technical engineering. Throughout my career, I have been dealing with lubricants used in automotive sector, shipyards and various other types of industries. I have worked and consulted customers in numerous countries, giving lectures on lubricants during seminars in both English and Russian languages.

Lately I have been concentrating on the lubricants in marine sector – an area, which has fascinates me the most. The reason for this is that the maritime industry covers the entire range of lubricants – from engine oils to synthetic compressor oils, anti-corrosives, silicon oils, biodegradable EAL products and other specialty products, whereas the lubricants business for land-based industries is not as challenging.

Today, I am very proud of being a contractual partner with Chevron Marine and therefore, being able to provide my customers with world class products. I am extremely committed to offering my customers a high quality service and technical support by using my expertise to find the best solution for their business.

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